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New Baby Bag

Though I’m not usually one for sighing over new purchases and materialistic delights, today marks an exception because of this marvelous item:

Just arrived on my doorstep is The Sak’s Artist Circle Baby Bag. As diaper bags go, it is certainly the cream of the crop! As the picture shows, it comes with a small insulated case for bottles or other consumables, and a matching changing pad. The picture does not capture, however, the softness and lightness of the bag, with a comfortable woven shoulder strap, and beautiful design and stitching detail all over. The interior is roomy, with all sorts of handy pockets and special areas to place your keys or water bottle. I carried one cheap, no-nonsense diaper bag around for both of my kids, but at last its vinyl lining started to peel and the fabric began to stiffen and crack. I figured I’d replace it with something similar before stumbling upon this delightful Sak! Its regular price is steep, but after a big sale and another nice item-discount coupon, it was as inexpensive as my old bag. Yay! It’s fun to finally have a beautiful AND useful diaper bag for the next baby due later this summer–presumably also the last baby!