Organic Eggs

This past winter I started buying organic eggs, since the price of regular eggs had risen so high that the organic eggs were only slightly more expensive. Wow!!! The organic eggs are SO much better! I continue to be amazed at how different the taste, shell texture, and raw contents of the eggs are, compared to the non-organic varieties. I’ve tried a few different brands of organic now, and notice the same benefits with all of them.

This morning we had scrambled eggs, and it’s wonderful to once again have light, fluffy, delicious eggs that taste and smell like “real” eggs are supposed to, and as I remember them being when I was younger. While she was still alive, my grandma often used to remark on how products like these had changed over her lifetime, and how she was sorry we wouldn’t have the same high quality foods she had once enjoyed. We have much more variety and availability of foods in the off-season than she had ever imagined, but the quality of the average meat and dairy products available in the stores has been radically reduced. We have to seek out specialty products in order to approach what was “normal” for grandma in decades past. Now that I can see the huge difference in eggs alone, I begin to realize what she was talking about!


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