Pediatricians turn away kids who aren’t vaccinated.

This headline comes from a story on Yahoo today by Jessica Ashley. Pediatricians in Chicago and NYC discuss their new policies on refusing to see patients whose parents have chosen not to vaccinate them. Since these markets are large enough that the parents have the option of finding another doctor, the pediatricians feel comfortable that their policies are not depriving anyone of medical care. It sounds like they would not have the rule if they were located in, say, a rural area where parents could only access one such doctor.

Personally, I think this is a good policy that will protect the health of other patients who are vulnerable or too young to have been fully vaccinated. It’s not fair for parents who decide not to vaccinate to expose and endanger other children whose parents don’t have the luxury of such a choice. I would be pleased if my own doctor’s office chose to adopt such a policy, as it would give extra protection to our kids who suffer from asthma and for whom vaccination is not complete protection against illness, and to our soon-to-be new baby who will be making all of those regular, early trips to the doctor before he or she is old enough to receive vaccines and boosters. Pertussis and mumps are both making a strong comeback in my area, thanks to the high numbers of unvaccinated children. I don’t need my newborn or asthmatic kids exposed to those germs in the doctor’s office, thanks!


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