Best Store-bought Salsa I’ve Found

I’m weary of the usual brands of salsa sold in grocery stores that are basically a chunky mess of chopped tomato, onion, and pepper. One of the nice things about dining out at a Mexican restaurant is that the salsa is usually much more blended and smooth, with a subtler, stronger, spicy flavor. For a long time we were unable to find such a salsa in a jar at the store, so my husband sometimes would make his own large batches of it on the stove.

At last, though, we found it: Melina’s brand salsa! Sold at large chains like Hy-Vee, Cub Foods, Target, and many smaller grocery stores. This salsa has a smooth, soft texture–no big chunks of anything! The basic flavor is sweet, pure tomato, mixed with plenty of sweet chili pepper, garlic, cooling cilantro, and a little spicy jalapeno zing! Melina’s Mild is strong enough to pack a punch, but is still enjoyed by the smaller kids and doesn’t burn. The Medium is much stronger than a Medium in most of the typical brands–it will really heat up your mouth, and my little kids find it much too powerful. I’m not brave enough to try the Hot, so I leave that to those willing to have a mouth in flames!


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