The Importance of Librarians

Some readers at Andrew Sullivan’s blog have excellent responses to the notion that librarians are becoming obsolete. For many students, internet research really does mean Googling it or getting some quotes from Wikipedia. Librarians help students understand how to judge the quality of information, find good sources, and make sure they’re considering all the relevant sources. Librarians also determine the kinds of information that are most important for patrons to access, and make it easier for people to view these sources through the library. I could go on indefinitely in this vein, but in general, the point is that increasing availability of information through new media does not make librarians any more obsolete than they were when people were using the card catalog.


One response to “The Importance of Librarians

  1. This is especially true as most academic journals and databases cost money and require a subscription. The average student wouldn’t be able to access such articles without going through a library.

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