Pro-Choice reinterpreted as Pro-Abortion

This is terribly sad: Jocelyn Peirce wrote this pro-abortion pledge, apparently as a response to anti-abortion pledges from the pro-life movement. It includes gems like:

“1. If I get pregnant before the age of 21, I will have an abortion.”
“2. If I know anyone who gets pregnant before the age of 21, I will strongly suggest that they have an abortion.”

Perhaps Peirce thinks that her #8, which says, “If I am in any of the aforementioned situations and opt not to have an abortion, I will remember that my choice would have been meaningless without the right to choose and will continue to defend that right.” makes up for the offensiveness of the other portions of her pledge. It does not. What a horrible suggestion, that everyone under 21 who becomes pregnant should abort or be pressured to abort! Even if one is pro-choice, the idea that abortion should be recommended rather than personally chosen is offensive and contrary to the entire point of preserving women’s autonomy. At the very least, one wonders why adoption is not even mentioned as an option, much less having the courage to raise children under less-than-ideal circumstances. Why abortion should be considered automatically preferable to these alternatives is beyond me, and I can’t see why anyone would sign such a horrible petition.


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