What do moms do with their time?

Just purchased a little wirebound notebook/appointment book made by Mead. The pages are mostly blank, with some areas set up for to-do lists. The packaging indicates that this line of notebooks is for “Mom”, and the colors are accordingly a pretty black and red with floral print. On the first page is a sample list of activities, to show the potential buyer what she might write inside. On universal Mom’s agenda: PTA meeting, field trip schedule, organizing the fundraiser kick off, and buying school spirit t-shirts. So Mom has school aged kids and is involved in raising money for the school. These are the sorts of things that, as a common denominator or an essence of function, Mead imagines that moms may need to write in their little books. Not just any moms, of course, but those moms who want a floral book without a pre-set calendar with hourly planners for each date.

I liked the little book because its pages resisted organizing the flow of life into compartmentalized boxes, stamped by hour and day. The little flowers seemed perfectly business-appropriate and serious. The neat list areas with their round check-off spaces might include anything from groceries to interesting potential stock purchases to reasons for and against legalized gambling. The to-do lists may remind of plans for planting another tree, setting up a connection to the printer, sending cards to friends and a letter to the state representative, making medical appointments, repairing the vacuum, and finding a better book on monetary policy. Could these be universal mom activities?


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